iPhone conference (Geneva, October 31 2008)

[10 Nov 2008] the videos of the iPhone demonstrations are now visible online.

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  Welcome to the iPhone conference 0h10
Fabrice Delaye (magazine BILAN)

  Why is the iPhone so special? 0h25
Bruno von Rotz (VP Optaros)

  How can your company take advantage of the iPhone? 0h13
Paul Shadwell (Technical Specialist)

  how to put your company in people's pocket? 0h41
adrian kosmaczewski (Co-founder & CTO iPhone @ netinfluence)

  Marketing and Brands 0h16
Sandrine Szabo (CEO and Co-Founder of NetInfluence)

  Discussions 0h25

  Mobile Initiatives: Business Opportunities & Success Analysis 0h24
Rodney Gaines (Head of Competence Center Mobile)

  Closing discussion, Wrap-up 0h21
(Panel discussion and conclusion by Sandrine Szabo)


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