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IDIAP Research Institute -- Klewel collaborates with the Idiap Research Institute, a semi-private institute affiliated with EPFL.
IdeArk SA , Incubateur The Ark -- Klewel works with the help of Cimark coaches.
IMD International Business School located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Two teams of Executive-MBAs are collaborating with Klewel, following the IMD 2008 Start-up competition.
VentureLab, following the 2008 Venture Leaders competition.
CulturePod, directed by Thierry Weber.
Montreux Convention center, with Pierre-Yves Nussbaum.
Resoplus SA, an e-learning and training agency.
Rezonance, Swiss networking agency.
Amiando, Event management.

Key Customers:
Nestlé S.A., Headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.
ACM, Association for Computing Machinery

"This is unique amongst all of the approaches currently being offered. Our collaboration with Klewel has been excellent. "
   John "Scooter" Morris, Ph.D.
   Executive Director
   Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics
   University of California, San Francisco
UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund

"[...] this is wonderful. The range of the offering; slides, audio, etc, is terrific.[...]"
    M. F., Communication Officer, UNICEF

"Very impressive. Well done. [...]"
    J. B., Communication Officer, UNICEF
AMI [Augmented Multi-Party Interaction] European Project, MLMI workshops
IM2 [Interactive Multimodal Information Management] Swiss National Project, workshops
SwissMedia, Swiss Multimedia Association
TechnoArk Event
LIFT08 LIFT 2008 Venture Night
Golf-Hotel Montreux
VentureLab, CTI, Innovation Network EPFL
BusinetVS, from valais, in collaboration with HEVs, and BCVs Swiss Bank
Conferences, Audiovisual, Digital Capture, Multimedia Indexing, Seminars, processing Interactive web access, Meetings, advanced Enriched knowledge management workshop search keynote extract stream slide share online congress centers
Key customers