Klewel | Klewel at AIPC 2009 in Spain
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Klewel at AIPC 2009 in Spain

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Klewel was invited to attend the AIPC 2009 conference as a business partner (co-sponsor) and an innovation award finalist in conjunction with the Montreux Convention Center (Switzerland). Below is a set of videos quickly captured during the conference.

Klewel’s poster in collaboration with the Montreux Convention Center:

The two winners were the Adelaide Convention center for their program on “Gold service, green attitude” and Darwin Convention center for its workforce development strategy:

Adelaide (jury award):
Darwin (public award):

Other finalists included the following posters:

Kuala Lumpur:

List of all AIPC members: http://www.aipc.org/memb_full.php . They come from all around the world. Australia (Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane), USA (San Diego), South Africa (Cape Town), Kenya, Tanzania, Taipei, Canada (Vancouvers, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec), Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, UK (London, Birmimgham), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), France (Nantes, Paris), Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Montreux, Lausanne), Israel (Jerusalem), Italy (Rimini), Spain (Valencia, San Sebastian, Bilbao), Austria, Germany, Czeck republic and many others……

Ideas of innovation management in congress centers, quick notes from the workshop:

* importance of benchmarking, quality standard assessment, efficiency, sustainability
* Online paper document management to manage brochure, contracts, standards
* Green, saving energy
* Online management, registration, abstract
* Virtual meetings, Congress centers in direct communication
* Strong local partnership between a congress center and eg. a university
* Space management

Around innovation management

* vision strategy
* leveraging resources: from creativity to implementation, which needs discipline and to be rigorous
* networked organization, work in close relation with your customers
* Culture and climate
* Management innovation process: leading by example, open, share, recognize and reward innovators, innovation is everybody’s business. Information about market, tech, business is captured and used.

A congress center is more than renting some space: from “building operator” to “experience wizzard”.
Experience technology: lighting, projections. Importance of partnerships. More and more innovations will come aroun the virtual world, communication, tangible spaces.

Important questions:
what is innovation really? creating value of new ideas. how good a conference center is? what great ideas to consider? what can AIPC do? how can I correct weak spots?

Participant experience:

  • Design, setting
  • Light, lighting, can influence energy
  • digital projection revolutions, 3d imaging
  • interaction
  • engagement

New services

  • event design
  • information capture, access, editing
  • webcasting
  • match making
  • very short term event booking management (1000 people next week)

Engagement of staff team – strength, feeling, through a shared vision

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