Klewel | How long is the audience’s attention span at a conference?
At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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How long is the audience’s attention span at a conference?

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There are many different types of events we have captured since Klewel started. We have webcasted many workshops, conferences, congresses, symposiums, some related to the medical field, some that were related to technology or even some that are related to new venture ideas, and many others in various fields. However, capturing the Fresh Conference has given us a unique opportunity to archive a type of topic that is our domain. The innovation side of the event industry. As many of the organizers would point out, events should be designed to provide value for the people attending, as well as for the organizers. However, I am sure we all agree that there is nothing more boring than sitting at a 2 hour lecture, even if the topic is of your interest. So, let’s say you throw in a mobile app, which can be used to ask questions from the speaker, or toss around a microphone to ask that question if there is no mobile app available yet, now that sounds much more fun already. I am sure we all have heard one time or another how nowadays our attention span has been reduced so much that we possess the attention span of a gold fish. Now, do you think a gold fish would want to swim around listening to some bigger fish talk about ocean currents for 2 hours?? Even if it is in its interest, the little goldfish will swim away if it is boring. Now, I want to believe that we are somehow more intelligent than our golden friends, but still, we have to be kept on our toes to pay attention and to actually feel like we walk away from an event with more than just new business contacts. The learning aspect of the meetings is the hardest to achieve the traditional way, hence the innovations. Throwable microphones, Google Glass applications for moderators, mobile applications to engage audience, different visual aids and interesting conversations are definitely key components of a successful conference these days. Not to mention the webcasting solutions offered by Klewel, because if all the other innovations have failed to help us learn something during the meeting, there is always the webcast available on-demand, so attendees can go back to watch it and learn from it over and over again.

The Fresh Conference as we have mentioned earlier, is the place where meeting professionals meet every year to see all the event industry related innovations to advance the effectiveness of their meetings. One of the topics captured by Klewel was focusing on how to make a panel discussion lively and interesting, whilst still being able to deliver the message. Kristin Arnold, the President of QPC Inc. – The Extraordinary Team answered to all the questions about panels. To see the whole presentation, please click on the image below:
Of course, networking is very important at an event as well. That is why we were delighted to have met Cascade Productions, an event production and meeting support company from the UK, and they needed our product for a conference they organized. They have rented the Triskel station and captured an event using Klewel webcasting solutions last week… Stay tuned to know more!

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