Klewel | How smart is your city? Webcasts from #smartsuisse
At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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How smart is your city? Webcasts from #smartsuisse

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Smartsuisse: Smart solutions for sustainable cities

SmartSuisse is a new strategic congress with an exhibition on the promising themes of the Smart City. This merging of strategies and concrete solutions is unprecedented, as is the global approach aimed at strengthening links between the public sector, the economy and science. SmartSuisse is for all stakeholders who want to contribute actively and sustainably to the design of the urban life of tomorrow. It happened last week in Basel Congress Center. 700 guests from politics, city administration, public transport, utilities, ICT and building development exchanged key information.


The webcast of SmartSuisse in numbers: 39 recorded presentations across 3 rooms, including 10 keynotes, 9 specific sessions and a panel discussion. All this available in German and with French translation. With a possibility to navigate through the slides and search by keyword within the text of the slides and the automatically generated speech recognition.

Below is an example. For an access to the SmartSuisse 2019 webcasts (in German or French), go to the SmartSuisse website Contact page and contact one of the project managers by email or telephone.


Topics of interest

Core topics this year are the digital transformation of cities, 3D city models, urban logistics, smart parking, area development, environmental monitoring, neighborhood electricity, the Smart City Alliance and Open Data. In more details:

  • Strategies for Digital Transformation of Cities and Municipalities – 3D Processes, Data and Models Pay Special Attention
  • Sustainable and efficient mobility concepts for people, vehicles and goods
  • Territorial development for a better quality of life – New approaches, new ideas and new technologies make neighborhoods and cities livelier
  • The data platform as a central element of city supply
  • Increased quality of life with sensors, real-time data and multifunctional objects


For an access to the SmartSuisse 2019 webcasts (in German or French), go to the SmartSuisse website Contact page and contact one of the project managers by email or telephone.

Main partners:

  • SBB
  • Die Post
  • Elektron

Premium partners:

  • Bergauer AG
  • BKW
  • Baden-Württemberg International
  • Cisco
  • Clear Channel
  • Digitalparking SA
  • EasyPark
  • iNovitas SA
  • Esri (Suisse)
  • FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Carosserie HESS AG
  • Jermann Ingenieure + Geometer AG
  • SAP

Support organizations and associations:

  •  L’Union des villes suisses
  • Association suisse Infrastructures communales
  • L’Union des transports publics
  • SuisseEnergie
  • Smart City Schweiz
  • asut
  • Smart City Hub
  • EspaceSuisse
  • Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS)

To know more about Klewel, do not hesitate to contact us by email contact{at}klewel.com or by phone +41277224342.



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