Software Development Project 

Pocket Campus: Demo Event

On Monday December 20, there was a demo event marking the release of Pocket Campus 1.0 at EPFL. Pocket Campus is a project involving the development of a smartphone application built by undergraduate students taking the Software Development Project course ( The goal of the app is to help students, faculty, alumni, and visitors get around the EPFL campus. Features include:

The project started out with a market study, in which the students surveyed almost 200 on-campus people to determine the features they desire. After one semester of hard work, the students are now ready to demo and release the application; after the demo, there will be an opportunity to discuss in more detail and network around snacks and drinks. The project's website is at Monday's event was open to all members of I&C. We had a panel of invited guests to offer feedback to the students and course staff on the application, as well as on the course:

Project and course background

Planning a feature, estimating total cost, packaging it up for distribution and maintenance is something that inexperienced developers never get right, but is often vital for the success of a software project. Mediating between the needs of customers and the turn-coffee-into-code hacker attitude requires understanding both sides of the equation. In this course, we pretend we are a start-up and will develop the Campus Buddy, a mobile phone application to help EPFL members locate their friends on campus, spot the best lunch menus, get up-to-date information on campus events, find a lecture hall on the map, etc. Students are encouraged to take the Software Development Project concurrently with Software Engineering, because the two courses complement each other. This course provides a taste of developing software in the real world, working in teams larger than 2-3 people, working with code bases that cannot be comprehended in their entirety, and interacting with real customers.