IAMF 2011: Programme video webcast

Opening Session (10.00-12.00)
Chair: Philipp Dietrich
Room C
Speaker Company name Presentation title
Luc Argand, President Geneva Motor Show Geneva International Motor Show Welcome speech
Jean Todt, President FIA Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Introduction
Bernard Niclot, Technical Advisor of FIA President's cabinet Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Racing as innovation driver for Automotive technologies
Gianni Morra, Quality & Relations Director
Centro Ricerche Fiat
Centro Ricerche Fiat Mobility solutions: infrastructures, boundaries, processes
Hugues Van Honacker, Policy Officer Clean transport and urban transport European Commission - Mobility and Transport DG European Commission transport policy for clean vehicles
Hans Björn Püttgen, Professor
Director of Energy Center EPFL
EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Pros and cons on the biofuels
Lunch Break (12.00 - 13.00) Foyer
13.00 - 13.30
Murat Guenak, Designer
Member of Executive Board, mia- electric (keynote speaker)
Influences of new technologies on car design and impacts on the life style
Room C
13.30 - 15.10
Session 1: Powertrain Technologies
Chair: Walter Lange, General Manager Gasmobil AG
Room C
Thomas Koerfer FEV Motorentechnik GmbH Modern DI-Diesel Engines – Backbone of Low CO2 Vehicle Portfolios under stringent governmental regulations
Jim Mc Dowell SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation Advancing Diesel Engine Thermal Efficiency
Tobias Ott ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
How much fuel can a hybrid electric vehicle save?
Jérôme Bernard Paul Scherrer Insitut Direct Electrical Coupling of Fuel Cell and Battery for Electric Powertrains
Georges Gil ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Parametric study on the influence of driving cycles on fuel consumption for different powertrains
Coffee Break (15.10 -15.40) Room C
15.40 - 17.20
Session 2: Advanced vehicle technologies
Chair: Martijn Van Walwijk, Independant Consultant
Room C
Marco Piffaretti Protoscar The evolution to a purpose designed, premium EV
Jethro Naude Status Economics, Inc. The Effectiveness of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Reducing the Demand for Gasoline
Ji Weon Ko Sungkyunkwan University Analysis of EWB (electronic wedge brakes) Performance for a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle during Regenerative Braking
Martin Weilenmann Empa Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions of Mobile Air Conditionings, Status and Options for the Future
Sten Karlsson Chalmers University of Technology The Importance of Car Movement Data for Dertermining Design, Viability and Potential of PHEVs
17.20 -19.00
Round table: Implication on the market of CO2 limitations
Moderator:Urs Muntwyler, Chairman IEA Implementing agreement HEV
Room C
René Bautz,
General Manager
GazNat SA  
Fiorentino Valerio Conte
Senior Scientist
AIT - Austria Institute of Technology  
Hervé Descourvières
TOOWUP Group Development Director
Ralf Sulzbach,
Senior Consultant
19.00 - 20.00 Pavillon Vert (Guided tour) Motor Show
20.00 -22.00 Cocktail on the Swiss Association e'mobile and Gasmobil stands Motor Show

9.00 - 9.30
Martin Wietschel, Coordinator of Business Unit Energy Economy
Fraunhofer Institute  (keynote speaker)

Creation of a new fuel supply infrastructure (CNG, LPG, Ethanol, Electricity, H2,...)

Room C
9.30 -11.10
Session 3 : Multi criteria Analysis
Chair: Yves Lehmann, Chairman of the Swiss Association e'mobile
Room C
Erik Wilhelm Paul Scherrer Institut Multi-Criteria Analysis of Driver Preference for New Vehicle Technology to Identify Robust Alternatives
Hannes Rose Fraunhofer Institute IAO Total Cost of Mobility: Towards a Holistic Assessment of Environmental and Economical Costs of Individual Mobility
Andrew Simons Paul Scherrer Institut Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrogen Use in Passenger Vehicles
Philip Gott IHS Automotive Consulting Impact of Alternative Powertrain Technologies on Energy Demand
Sara Marques DTEA-IST - Instituto Superior Tecnico Transportes, Energia e Ambiente Conventional, Plug-in Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles Life-Cycle Comparison Considering Smart Connection to the Portuguese Electrical Grid and Consequent Impact in CO2 Emissions
Coffee Break (11.10-11.40) Room C
Session 4: Energy storage and Infrastructure

Chair: Vinzenz Härri, University of Applied Sciences of Central Switzerland
Room C
Klaus D. Beccu Battelle Geneva Research Center Future perspectives of electromobility in terms of electrochemical energy storage
Bernd Propfe German Aerospace Center Customer Suitability of Electric Vehicles based on Battery-state-of-charge Analysis
Jamshid Arian Assl iev Aryana SA/NV & E4 Research Center AITS - Aryana Intelligent Transportation System
Forence Fusalba CEA - Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives Emphasis on Power Li-Ion technology: Quick Charge & Durability introducing Titanate-based negative electrodes in Batteries
Pierre Strub Consultant Electricity consumptions, CO2-­-emissions and supply of grid balancing energy of EV and PHEV in Switzerland 2015-­-2035
Dialogue Session & Lunch (13.20 - 14.30)
titles & presenters here below
14.30 - 15.00
Geoff Snelson, Corporate Director Strategy & Partnerships
Milton Keynes Council, United Kingdom (keynote speaker)
Lessons learnt from Milton Keynes City
Room C
15.00 -16.40
Session 5: Market Introduction

Chair: Florian Rothfuss, Innovation Mobility, Fraunhofer Institute
Room C
Thomas Ebeling Nissan Europe The European launch of LEAF, the world’s first affordable 100% electric vehicle
Joachim Monkelbaan ICTSD - International Center for Trade and Sustainable Energy Deploying Climate-Related Technologies in the Transport Sector: Exploring Trade Links
Sam Cross Eurelectric European Electricity industry perspectives on EVs: Achieving an electrified, decarbonised transport sector
Paul Lin BYD AUTO Co., Ltd. BYD Green City Solution
Philippe Méan Alpiq Potential markets, implementation strategies and recharging regimes for a successful mass penetration of electric vehicles in Switzerland by 2020
16.40 - 16.45: Farewell & Closing
Philipp Dietrich, Chairman IAMF 2011
Room C
Pavillon Vert Motor Show
Wednesday, 9 March 2011
Posters can be seen in the Foyer until 17.00
13.20-14.30 Foyer
1. Advanced Powertrain and Vehicle Technologies  
Norman Abell Global Energy and Transportation Co. Hybrid Electric, Sustainable Fuel, Mobile Water Purication/Electricity Generation Vehicle
Luca Buzzoni Regione Emilia-Romagna Innovative Electric Storage Systems and New Prospects
Mihaela Chefneux ICPE-SA E-BIKE : A Solution forSustainable Development of “Politehnica” University Campus
Sigitas Kudarauskas S. Kudarauskas Personal Enterprise Advanced Powertrain for Hybrid Vehicles: The Free-Swinging Piston Engine and Oscillating Rotary Generator
Urs Muntwyler IEA IA HEV - International Energy Agency, Implementing Agreement on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles EV and PV: a winning combination has its 25 years anniversary
Daniel Ogg swissauto  WENKO AG Polaris – swisssauto Range Extender System - the key to unlimited electromobility
João Ribau Instituto Superior Técnico Alternative vehicle energy management strategy optimization model and application to a fuel cell Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle
Minseok Song Sungkyunkwan university Development of the control logic for electric oil pump during mode change of a 6-speed AT-based hybrid electric vehicle
2. Multi Criteria Analysis
Margarida Coelho University of Aveiro Life Cycle Analysis of Hydrogen - Application to Transportation sector in Portugal
Ana Filipa Ferreira Instituto Superior Técnico Biohydrogen pathways for the Portuguese road transportation sector- Uncertainty in the LCA analysis
Fabrizio Noembrini EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Well to Wheel Analysis for Future Powertrain Systems
Sara Safarianova ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Techno-economic analysis of low GHG emission passenger cars
Jörg Weigl Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Business & Advances Technology Center Performance and Efficiency Comparison of Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Train Topologies
3. Energy storage and Infrastructure
José Magraner gh electrotermia s.a. Advanced DC Ultrafast Charging Infrastructure for e-Mobility
Aleksandar Maksimovich University of Applied Sciences of Central Switzerland Energy Pack for Trolleybuses as an on-board Energy Storage System with Batteries and Supercapacitors
4. Market Introduction
Silvia Ulli-Beer &
Benjamin Boksberger
Paul Scherrer Institut Roadmap 2020 for Sustainable Road Transportation: A Time based Coordination of Opportunities and Challenges
Florian Rothfuss & Hannes Rose Fraunhofer IAO Electric Vehicle Configurator