IAMF 2010: Programme video webcast

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Opening Session (10:30-12:15)
Chair: Philipp Dietrich
Room C
Speaker Company name Presentation title
Luc Argand Geneva Motorshow Welcome speech
Philip Gott IHS Global Insight Our vision on mobility in 2035
William Borthwick European Commission European prospects to reduce gaz emissions in passenger car transportation
Brian Wynne Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) American perspectives on future transports
Robert Stüssi European Association for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Road Vehicles (AVERE) The situation of electrical Vehicles in Europe
Lunch Break (12.15 - 13.00) Room C
13.00 - 14.30
Session 1: Advanced Powertrain Technologies
Chair: René Bautz
Room C
Joachim Fetzer (keynote) SB LiMotive Co Ltd. Potential and challenges of Li-Ion batteries in electrical powertrains
Ruediger Freimann IAV GmbH CO2 reduction and advanced driving dynamics, a contradiction?
Olivier Bordelanne GDF SUEZ From CNG to electrical vehicles: how natural gas can offer sustainable transport solutions?
Gerfried Cebrat Energie- und Umwelt Consulting Impact of new power train concepts on vehicle design criteria. Results of the A3plus project “paradigm change in propulsion technology”
Giampiero Brusaglino ATA - Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile Advanced power train concepts demonstrated in Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy 2009
Session 2: Vehicle energy storage devices and their fuelling / charging infrastructure
Chair: Martijn van Walwijk
Room C
Philippe Méan (keynote) Alpiq Vision 2020 : 15 % of EVs in Switzerland. What kind of recharging infrastructure is needed ?
Andrew Burke University of California-Davis, Institute of Transportation Studies Simulations of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles using Advanced Lithium Batteries and Ultracapacitors on Various Driving Cycles
Florence Fusalba CEA Safe, high energy and power batteriesFabrizio Noembrini
Fabrizio Noembrini ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Operating versus investment energy and GHG emissions of cars with conventional ice and (partial) electrified powertrains
Coffee Break (15:45-16:15) Room C
Round table: What will drive Plug-in or EV's on to the mass-market or not?
Room C
Marco Piffaretti (Moderator) Protoscar SA Introduction 
Hans H. Jung Consulting4Drive GmbH New Technologies Demand New Business Models
Patricia Baptista IDMEC/IST Strategic marketing plan for battery electric vehicles. The portuguese case.
Urs Muntwyler IEA - Implementing Agreement IA HEV The IEA transport roadmap and the IA HEV strategy for the 4th phase
Eva Sunnerstedt City of Stockholm Demonstration of plug-in hybrids in Stockholm (Sweden)
Markus Mehlin 1DLR, Institute of Transport Research Potential sales of PHEV and BEV in Germany under different policy conditions
André Hefti Renault Suisse SA The future of electric car
Pavillon Vert & Green Path Visit Motorshow
Conference dinner (19:00) Panoramic
Session 3 : Advanced Vehicle Technologies
New Chair: Yves Lehmann
Room C
Thomas Ebeling (keynote) Nissan International SA Leaf - the very new Nissan Electric Vehicle
Gérard Planche Adam Opel GmbH Opel Ampera - Electric car with range extender
Simon Voigt Fraunhofer IAO The Electromobile Value Architecture
Erik Wilhelm Paul Scherrer Institute Reducing the Weight of Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles Using Heuristic Design
Coffee Break (10.00-10.30) Room C
Session 4: Technologies for Electro-mobility
Chair: Florian Rothfuss
Room C
Fabian Kley Fraunhofer ISI Assessment of future EV charging infrastructure
Aymeric Rousseau Argonne National Laboratory Selection of Control Strategies for Different PHEVs Based Upon Real World Driving Conditions
Daniel Betts Enerfuel Fuel Cells as powerful range extenders
Tunji Adebusuyi Lithium Balance A/S Fuel Cell in EV as a range extender. Practical integration with the battery pack and EV. Key challenges and best practice.
John Chatterton-Ross FIM - Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Big Bang in Motorcycling
Introduction of the Dialogue session (12.00 - 12.15)
Susanne Wegmann
Room C
Dialogue Session (12.15-14.15)
Titles & presenters here below
14.15 -16.00
Session 5 : Market Introduction of New Technologies
Chair: Stefano Ammirati
Room C
Simon Felsenstein (keynote) ABB Switzerland Required infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2020 - using the case of Switzerland
Floris Mulder SenterNovem Handbook for the local implementation of clean(er) fuel policies in Europe
Peter de Haan ETHZ - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich On the different (urban, long-distance and touristic) simultaneous pathways to market of electric propulsion
Sonia Lavadinho ETHL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Evaluating the potential for intercity travel combining public transport and active modes: the “suisse roule” bike sharing system
Karola Rath Fraunhofer-Institute for Industrial Engineering The electromobile city - cities as incubators for e-mobility
Renato Manzoni MES/DEA Pure electric and hybrid buses fleet in Bologna
16.00 - 16.30: Conclusions & Summary -
Part I: Technology (Philipp Dietrich),
Part II: Market Trends (Robert Stüssi) -
Room C
Pavillon Vert Motorshow
Wednesday, 10 March 2010, 12.15-14.15
(Please note that all Posters can be seen in the Foyer until 17.00)
1. Advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies
Paul Cheeseman Exide Technologies The Reinvention of Lead Acid for HEV applications
Gonçalo Duarte IDMEC, Instituto Superior Técnico Reducing fuel consumption in vehicles using a real time monitoring system
Petter Krus Linkoping University Light Sustainable Vehicles for Developing Countries
Sigitas Kudarauskas S. Kudarauskas personal enterprise "Innovative powertrain of the free-swinging piston engine and oscillating rotary generator for hybrid electric vehicles"
Dirk Meyer Ecopowertechnology s.a. Brescia, I Electric, hybrid and hydrogen buses for public transport
Ahmed Nour "Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt-." The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on The Cycle Pressures in Non-Air Breathing Diesel Engine
Stephen Ryan Bios Fuel Corporation Limited "Advanced Power Train Technologies Which Focus on Internal Combustion and Transmission Technologies Incorporated into a Concept Car Called ""H2SR"" Coupe Powered by New Fuel"
Urs Schwegler Association e'mobile Beer Delivery by Feldschlösschen with Electric Trucks
Dragan Simic Austrian Institute of Tehnology - AIT Modeling, simulation and evaluation of a powertrain
"Sarbjeet Singh " "Government College of Engineering & Technology, Jammu, India" Reverse Engineering on brake - rod of rear wheel of Bajaj Pulsar 150cc motorbike and stress analysis using Autodesk Inventor software
Konstantinos Spentzas National Technical University of Athens A minimalist approach to the design of electric vehicles: what vehicles of the future can be
Karel Steurs PSI (CCEM-CH) - ETHZ (LAV) Energy Management Strategy for a Series Hybrid Electric Sports Car
Thierry Wagenknecht TPG - Tranports publics genevois Hybrid Bus – solution for the public transport?
Olaf Zanger Swisscom AG Electric Mobility from an Operators Ecosystem Perspective
2. Energy storage in the vehicle and its fuelling / charging infrastructure
Edmund Echter ESG Green Battery Balancing with Solar Energy
Joaquim Delgado "Institute of Systems and Robotics - University of Coimbra" Grid Load Balancing Using Different Electric Vehicles Charging Strategies
Ulrik Grape Ener1 Li-ion Batteries: Chemistry Tradeoffs for Electric Propulsion
Benedikt Lunz RWTH Aachen University Comparison of Standard- and Fast-Charging of Plug-In Hybrid Electric and Pure Electric Vehicles
Fabio Montemurro E4tech Optimal solutions to integrate the electric vehicle load onto the grid
Paolo Passoni 365 Energy Group Changing the Way People Move
Mohseni Pedram Duke Energy Corp Electric Vehicles: Holy Grail or Fool’s Gold
Marco Piffaretti Protoscar SA From LAMPO to LAMPO-2: The evolution to a consumption of less than 100Wh/km-ton and a charging time of less than 20min/100km.
Paul Schweizer Hochschule Luzern, T & A, CC IIEE “Living and Mobility” - Blue Angel III with modular Energy Storage and Range
Eduard Stolz Park & Charge Towards a practice oriented charging infrastructure in international consensus
Patrick Suppiger Vitogaz Switzerland AG Safety of supply chain & applications of AUTOGAS (LPG)
Stefan Theiler Vitogaz Switzerland AG Security of supply of AUTOGAS
George Vukojicic Lithium Balance A/S Intelligent Battery Pack and State of the Art Battery Management - Key to safety and optimized performance of EV
Benoît Soucaze-Guillous Maxwell Technologies GmbH Ultracapacitors – an intelligent combination with batteries in order to increase overall energy efficiency
3. Introduction of new technologies into the market
Patricia Baptista MIT|Portugal Program - IST Energy and emissions scenarios of introducing new vehicle technologies in the Portuguese LDV fleet
Sten Bergman Elforsk Sweden - a perfect test center for electric mobility
Jessica Carragher Wallner Kairos Future Swedish attitudes towards electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars
Michel Martin Michel Martin Ingénieur Conseil Minimobiles and micromobiles
Patrice Nogues EDF R&D "Factor 4 in transport sector ; Which place for alternative technologies ?"
Bernd Propfe German Aerospace Center Market prospects of electric vehicles: modelling competition of alternative and enhanced conventional vehicle technologies
Pierre Strub Nachhaltig Wirkt Expected demand of electricity, evaluated CO2-emissions and supply of grid balancing energy through the use of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in Switzerland until 2035.
Silvia Ulli-Beer Paul Scherrer Institute Local implementation strategies of sustainable road transportation: A case analysis of the Novatlantis pilot region Basel
Jean-Philippe Chavey Jurassic Test Jurassic Test, a young team for experiments and simulations in solar and electric mobility
Carsten Crome eurotaxGLASS Pure Electric Vehicles - The new car of the 21st Century?