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Swiss-based international audiovisual service provider

Together for the success of your event. Reliability, quality and tailor-made services are in Klewel’s DNA. Call on our expertise, showcase your conference and make it a source of inspiration.

Why do you need an audiovisual service provider?

Because it's a highly specialized profession.

Having the right equipment is a good start, but using it requires thorough knowledge and context-specific expertise.

Successful coordination is synonymous with success.

Because audiovisual is about sound and image.

Mastering a sound system involves understanding the subtlety of signals, selecting appropriate material, setting equipment parameters, interconnecting them, and installing and securing them.

As for the video, adjusting luminosity and contrast and making multiple calibrations according to the place and the time of day are notions only specialists possess.

To create an image that enhances your event, you must also master the art of lighting.

Because the audiovisual signals are digital.

Managing the technical side of an event is not something you can improvise. Audiovisual service providers must have a solid grounding in capturing and an extensive background in computer infrastructures and networks for live streaming.

Not to mention post-production. Effective control of the process ensures fast content delivery and near real-time responses to various requests.

Why choose Klewel?

A dynamic, human-sized audiovisual service provider at your service

For our expertise

Our team members have specialized training, specific skills, and extensive experience in audiovisual production.

For our reliability

From design to multi-platform delivery, from advising to archiving your content, Klewel takes care of every detail.

For our experience

From Geneva to St. Gallen, we are active throughout Switzerland. We have also acquired solid international experience and built a worldwide network of partners with more than 100 conferences covered outside Switzerland.


Technical planning and coordination of the various teams involved

Choice of the best solutions to meet your objectives

Professional setup of cameras, microphones, lights, beamers

Multi-track audiovisual recording in parallel sessions for major conventions

Assistance and training of your remote lecturers

Live multi-camera production, including slide projection feed in the final output

 Live streaming and recording of all audio, video and projection feeds

Fast delivery of all content in high quality standards

Interactions, translations, personalized lower-third integration

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Hundreds of conference organizers have already trusted us. Based on these experiences, we have put together ten golden rules to make your next streaming event a success.

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What type of event benefits most from an audiovisual recording?

Whatever the size and duration of your event, we will put it in the spotlight.

How does event capture work in practice?

First, we analyze your needs and constraints precisely to implement all the appropriate solutions and identify any potential risks. Then we bring together and lead the different teams that intervene on-site.

Prior to the event

– Technical project management, discussions with the different parties involved (technical, logistical)

– Drafting of operational wiring diagrams for equipment, testing of material

– Possible site-visit of the premises

– Preparation of elements necessary for the streaming (configurations, countdown, insertion of start and end visuals), training with remote speakers

– Setup and testing: audio, video, lighting, slides, Internet, adjustments of scenic elements

During the event

– Multi-camera live production, live streaming management, rigorous monitoring of all audiovisual streams, multi-feed synchronous recording
– Supervision of the different technical teams, preparation with remote speakers, permanent communication with event organizers
– Production of interviews, filming of a recap video summarizing your event

Following the event

– Post-production: automatic multimedia processing, editing, graphic effects to be added if necessary
– Creation of webcasts, analysis of statistics, support for the integration of the replay on the client’s website
– Regular follow-up with the organizers for any modification of the content, validation