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16 March 2023

What is the difference between a webcast and a webinar?

Webcasting and webinars are two popular forms of online communication that are often used for different purposes. While they may seem similar at first glance, there […]
16 March 2023

What is a webcast?

There are several definitions of the term webcast. In the same way that Klewel is a contraction of 2 Breton words klevet (to hear) and gwelet […]
16 March 2023

Why offer a live streaming of your event?

What is live streaming? The video of your event is broadcast simultaneously with its capture, to whoever you want. You choose your audience, without space constraints, […]
15 April 2019

How smart is your city? Webcasts from #smartsuisse

Smartsuisse: Smart solutions for sustainable cities SmartSuisse is a new strategic congress with an exhibition on the promising themes of the Smart City. This merging of […]
21 February 2019

The beginning of life, A neonatologist’s View(s)

The 2019 Annual Conference of the Swiss Society of Neonatology addressed Challenges in Perinatal Medicine. Young pediatricians and neonatologists as well as nurses, midwives and obstetricians […]
3 December 2018

United Kingdom in the spotlights at the last ICCA congress in Dubai

“Events create ideas and a single idea has the possibility to change the world.” This is how Visit Scotland started their pitch during the Best Marketing […]
12 November 2018

James Rees elected as new ICCA president

The Dubai World Trade Centre takes great pride in hosting the 57th ICCA Congress 2018. Ranked amongst the top industry association meetings in the world, the […]
4 April 2018

Looking back at the Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Neonatology 2018

The Swiss society of Neonatology‘s goals are to foster neonatology in Switzerland, improve the quality of neonatal care and represent the interests of newborn infants in […]
6 May 2017

Swiss EdTech Collider: Klewel joins the adventure

EPFL inaugurated recently a new ambitious incubator: the Swiss EdTech Collider. The particularity of this space is its dedication to companies active in the field of […]
16 March 2017

Swiss Marketing Vaud Webcast: How to promote Crans Montana?

The association Swiss Marketing Vaud invited a valaisan to share his experience to renew the positioning of a product like no other: a region. Who is […]
11 February 2017

What did really happen at the biggest Google-related tech conference in Switzerland? #Firebase #TensorFlow

    The 1st edition of the biggest conference about Google technologies took place on November 26-26 2016 in Zurich, or close to Zürich in Rapperswil […]
30 January 2017

Webcast Klewel > Conférence technoark 2017: BlockChain, au-delà du bitcoin

La blockchain est incontestablement l’un des termes à la mode. Mais qu’est-ce que c’est déjà et surtout à quoi ça sert? Parlons de l’impact potentiel de […]