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30 January 2017

Webcast Klewel > Technoark 2017 Conference: BlockChain, Beyond the Bitcoin

The blockchain is undoubtedly one of the fashionable terms. But what is it really and especially what it serves? Let’s talk about the potential impact of […]
30 January 2017

Klewel use case: a Scientific Medical conference from the Swiss Neonatology Society

The targeted audience for this post is mainly Health Care Professionals, physicians in the domain of Pediatrics and Neonatology. The Swiss Society of Neonatology 2017 Annual […]
2 December 2016

SpeakUp: how to increase participation at your conference?

I think that the first way to increase audience participation at your conference is to have engaging speakers and facilitators that are able to listen and […]
1 December 2016

ICCA 2016 session report: A mind opened by wonder: Why great networking is the world’s most innovative business activity

Two weeks ago, I participated to the ICCA world congress in the city of Kuching (in the region of Sarawak, in the island of Borneo, in […]
31 October 2016

Klewel webcast – October 2016 newsletter: from Silicon Valley to Silicon Valais

Every october here in Martigny Switzerland occurs a well known and very popular Swiss local fair, the “Foire du Valais”. Klewel just webcasted there the “Journée […]
22 September 2016

Trends from Silicon Valley and learnings from a six times entrepreneur. A dialogue between Loic Le Meur and Laurent Haug

You may know LeWeb conference in Paris which was a big success. If you know LeWeb, you probably already have heard about Loïc Le Meur who […]
3 August 2016

Is Artificial Intelligence at the service of humanity?

François Fleuret from the Idiap research institute here in Martigny Switzerland recently organized a workshop on the tools and methods related to deep learning. What is […]
2 August 2016

How to disrupt a 150-Year-Old Swiss Company in a Digital World?

Can a 150-year-old Swiss company act like a start-up, especially in a context of market transformation and surrounded by digitally-powered disruption? Disrupting a 150-Year-Old Swiss Company […]
5 July 2016

EPFL Industry Day 2016 in webcast: where industry, research scientists and students meet.

65 research labs – 130 industry representatives – 250 Master students – 90 individual meetings   The event allowed industry representatives to learn about the state […]
27 June 2016

Are we as a human community the next “Internet of Things”? Video report from the 4th e-Health conference

In the wake of the Internet of Things, are we going to become the next connected objects? This central question, which touches on the “Internet of […]
20 May 2016

e-Learning Valais 3.0: a pioneering project under the sign of cooperation

Developing innovative solutions to enhance learning through distance learning: this is the project of UniDistance, Klewel and the Idiap Research Institute. The project aims to develop […]
26 April 2016

Are there any start-ups in Switzerland?

Does Switzerland rhyme with Start-Up? Well, Yes and No. On one hand: No, or more exactly not enough: this is what Fathi Derder, Swiss journalist and […]