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10 September 2008

MLMI workshop 2008: videos on Klewel.com

MLMI stands for Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction. It is an annual workshop bringing together researchers working on advanced machine learning algorithms applied to multimodal human-human […]
3 September 2008

Mobile HCI 2008 conference

I had the chance to attend Mobile HCI 2008, the 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, this year in Amsterdam, The […]
31 July 2008

Klewel business trip in France

Between the 10th and 20th July 2008, I went to Britanny in order to make the first contacts after receiving the first prize of a french […]
29 July 2008

The Swiss venture leaders 2008 meet Y-combinator

Y-combinator is a very well known seed stage venture firm for any US IT entrepreneurs. With the Swiss venture leaders 2008 team, we met the two […]
20 July 2008

Klewel in Reflex magazine

An article about Klewel is visible in page 14 of the mensual magazine Reflex published by EPFL. This article is made in the framework of a […]
17 July 2008

Techcrunch.uk event @ Zurich (Switzerland)

Website of this techcrunch event organized in Zurich. I had the chance to go there with some well-known Swiss-romand entrepreneurs in the train Lausanne-Zurich: Thierry Weber […]
9 July 2008

Klewel in the Idiap 2007 activity report

(Click to enlarge) Page 12 of the Idiap 2007 activity report.
8 July 2008

Klewel in Le Nouvelliste

full article in PDF
5 July 2008

Venture summit 2008

Organized by VentureLab, venture-summit, a 24 hour crazy camp in the middle of Switzerland… Special thanks to Jordi Montserrat and Beat Schillig for their invitation. It […]
3 July 2008

Klewel in Agefi

Together with Jordi Montserrat (VentureLab) and Vincent Schickel (Prediggo), we wrote an article in Agefi in order to report our experience of following the 2-week venture-leaders […]
19 June 2008

Venture leaders 2008 @ Boston, USA

20 entrepreneurs were selected this year for a full program in Boston from June 10 to 20th. We visited local high tech companies, attended a course […]
6 June 2008

Gestchange @ Lausanne

Du M2 AU K2… Comment simuler le changement pour réussir l’innovation? Avec la participation de Daniel Rosselat, Jean Troillet et Philippe Leguay du M2. Cette conférence […]