3 August 2016

Is Artificial Intelligence at the service of humanity?

François Fleuret from the Idiap research institute here in Martigny Switzerland recently organized a workshop on the tools and methods related to deep learning. What is […]
27 January 2014

The new era started – The release of Triskel v1.0.

Last Thursday was a very proud moment for Klewel. I can honestly say it was the start of a new era. The new era began yesterday by the […]
13 January 2014

The project that helped Klewel come to life – The IM2 Final Event captured by Klewel

This blog is about a research project that is very dear to us at Klewel. After 12 years of intensive collaborative research across Swiss institutions in […]
2 December 2013

“Humans do not think like computers” – Idiap Speaker Series

Since the chilly winter mornings and snow has just arrived in Valais, we are “staying home” for this week’s blog. Well, sort of speak… We all know that Klewel […]
23 May 2010

The Internet of Meetings

Klewel has been cited in the following article of Science Daily (paragraph on Commercial success) about the AMI project: ScienceDaily (Apr. 23, 2010) — Software created […]
24 December 2009

Searching and retrieving online TV archives

The Idiap Research Institute (acknowledgement to Alexandre Nanchen) has recently developed a technology to localize, detect and recognize text in videos based on Optical Character Recognition. […]
9 July 2008

Klewel in the Idiap 2007 activity report

(Click to enlarge) Page 12 of the Idiap 2007 activity report.