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14 January 2014

Let’s start this year FRESH! The FRESH Conference is around the corner and it will be captured by Klewel

I hope you have just as much energy that we do here at Klewel! In fact, we have so much to tell you, that this is our second […]
13 January 2014

The project that helped Klewel come to life – The IM2 Final Event captured by Klewel

This blog is about a research project that is very dear to us at Klewel. After 12 years of intensive collaborative research across Swiss institutions in […]
6 January 2014

Going back to Toronto – Klewel webcasting the NNI Dysphagia Course for the second time

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everybody enjoyed their time during the holidays and coming back with all the more energy to work even harder this […]
30 December 2013

Nutrition and endurance sports – Klewel capturing important findings in sports nutrition

I know most of you are still in the Christmas spirit, enjoying these special days with friends and the family and starting to think about New […]
23 December 2013

The importance of nutrition in sports – Klewel capturing the annual meeting of ACSM

Today we are one day before Christmas.. Have you got the perfect gift for everybody? Did you think about a gift for yourself, more specifically for your […]
16 December 2013

“Fighting the malnutrition battle” – The MNI Grant winner presentation captured by Klewel

I was really aiming for something Christmas related to present for you, since there is only 11 days before this peaceful holiday, however I found this […]
9 December 2013

Obesity is a global epidemic? – Klewel archives the findings of Nestlé Research Centre

For this week’s post, I am introducing a very interesting conference because I read an alarming article, which said that according to the latest statistics “childhood […]
2 December 2013

“Humans do not think like computers” – Idiap Speaker Series

Since the chilly winter mornings and snow has just arrived in Valais, we are “staying home” for this week’s blog. Well, sort of speak… We all know that Klewel […]
25 November 2013

“Pizzas&Start-up” – The tricks of entrepreneurship at the Parc Scientifique

This week Klewel is inviting you to look into another VentureLab event, the 7th Pizzas&Start-up at the Parc Scientifique at EPFL. This unique event, organized twice a […]
18 November 2013

“And the winner is…the MUST VIS System of IDIAP and Klewel’s Sandy Ingram”

This week’s post will be a little different than the ones from the last weeks. Because, we are so proud to announce that our very talented […]
11 November 2013

“From EPFL to the Valley” – Webcasting of venture ideas @EPFL

Another exciting Venture ideas event that was webcasted by Klewel. We are very pleased to be working so closely together with Venture Lab on their ambitious project of bringing successful […]
4 November 2013

“A campus for students designed by students” – Webcasting from EHL

Klewel closely collaborates with EHL, the world’s n°1 school in hospitality management. EHL came up with a very innovative project management idea of sharing their desire […]