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19 January 2008

Feedback from ACM

“As the chair of the Digital Media Capture Committee for the Association for Computing Machinery, I was charged with finding a group to work with to […]
10 November 2007

Klewel Sàrl, official start

Klewel Sàrl is officially created by Maël Guillemot, Alessandro Vinciarelli and Jean-Marc Odobez. link This has been possible with the collaboration of Frank Crittin (Ideark), and […]
1 November 2007

Klewel at Inforum, Geneva

Inforum is a Swiss National Trade Show in Information Technology. Video from culturepod: video, google video
10 October 2007

UNICEF chooses Klewel

UNICEF chooses Klewel to record a one-day seminar in a famous hotel of Montreux.
29 September 2007

Forum TheArk online

The them of this forum was “From Utopia to dream, from imagination to reality: Innovation”. Klewel recorded the Forum TheArk videos in french. It includes a […]
1 August 2007

TheArk follows Klewel

Klewel is selected by TheArk, the swiss agency which promotes and helps valaisan start-ups, in french. Thanks for the great help from Jérôme Salamin and Frédéric […]
30 June 2007

MLMI 2007

The AMI Project chooses Klewel to record their annual scientific workshop: videos in Brno, Tcheck Republic.
3 May 2007

Klewel in California

ACM [Association for Computer Machinery] bought 2 systems and used our services to capture, index and web distribute the premium conference in Computer Human Interaction and […]
19 February 2007

IM2 Winter Institute 2007

Klewel recorded the annual IM2 -Interactive Multimodal Information Management- Swiss national project Winter Institute event, in Morat, Switzerland. videos — protected access