22 September 2016

Trends from Silicon Valley and learnings from a six times entrepreneur. A dialogue between Loic Le Meur and Laurent Haug

You may know LeWeb conference in Paris which was a big success. If you know LeWeb, you probably already have heard about Loïc Le Meur who […]
7 April 2015

The future of Conversational Interaction Technologies

On February 24- 25 took place in Brussels, Belgium, the CITIA (Conversational Interaction Technology Innovation Alliance) Roadmap Conference, supported by European Project ROCKIT. All the presentations […]
12 November 2014

Audiovisual communications to empower your organization: a report

A couple of weeks ago, we organized a workshop on “Audiovisual communications to empower your organization” in the context of the inEvent EU research project here […]
30 May 2013

Discover the 2013 Swiss venture leaders

On the 30th of April, a Venture Idea event took place at the Rolex Learning Center in EPFL Lausanne. EPFL and EPFL Parc Scientifique have their […]