31 October 2016

Klewel webcast – October 2016 newsletter: from Silicon Valley to Silicon Valais

Every october here in Martigny Switzerland occurs a well known and very popular Swiss local fair, the “Foire du Valais”. Klewel just webcasted there the “Journée […]
22 September 2016

Trends from Silicon Valley and learnings from a six times entrepreneur. A dialogue between Loic Le Meur and Laurent Haug

You may know LeWeb conference in Paris which was a big success. If you know LeWeb, you probably already have heard about Loïc Le Meur who […]
26 April 2016

Are there any start-ups in Switzerland?

Does Switzerland rhyme with Start-Up? Well, Yes and No. On one hand: No, or more exactly not enough: this is what Fathi Derder, Swiss journalist and […]
27 January 2014

The new era started – The release of Triskel v1.0.

Last Thursday was a very proud moment for Klewel. I can honestly say it was the start of a new era. The new era began yesterday by the […]
13 January 2014

The project that helped Klewel come to life – The IM2 Final Event captured by Klewel

This blog is about a research project that is very dear to us at Klewel. After 12 years of intensive collaborative research across Swiss institutions in […]
30 May 2013

Discover the 2013 Swiss venture leaders

On the 30th of April, a Venture Idea event took place at the Rolex Learning Center in EPFL Lausanne. EPFL and EPFL Parc Scientifique have their […]
8 June 2012

Venture Ideas @ EPFL : Swiss ways of building startups

I strongly recommend listening two successful swiss entrepreneurs: Arnaud Bertrand, CEO of HouseTrip and Pascal Meyer, CEO of Qoqa. Last month happened in the EPFL (Rolex) […]