18 December 2008

Pilot for Cargill

Thanks to the collaboration with Jacques Lomaglio from Resoplus SA, Klewel did a pilot recording for Cargill. Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and […]
2 December 2008

Nestlé S.A. collaborates with Klewel

After UNICEF and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) as key references for Klewel, it is today with Nestlé that Klewel is starting to collaborate. As any […]
26 November 2008

Klewel at the ICT European Forum 2008

Being part of the Idiap research institute booth, Klewel was present at the ICT European Research Forum in Lyon (France) on November 24-26. Idiap invited two […]
29 October 2008

Klewel’s new logo

Here it is, “tout nouveau tout beau”: (your feedback is much appreciated) Klewel, “let the knowledge come to you”:
13 October 2008

Archiving the Olympics Games

Last Tuesday, a workshop was organized by EPFL Tech Transfer Office to bring around the table digital archiving experts and institutions with real needs in terms […]
13 October 2008

Klewel and mobility

Last Friday, Klewel was presented to the Marketing & Business Development team of Orange Switzerland. Klewel will be at the iPhone conference in Geneva at the […]