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At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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About Klewel

Klewel is a spin-off of the Idiap Research Institute which is affiliated with EPFL Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. We are located in Martigny, Switzerland with capabilities to capture conferences all over the world.
Klewel proposes a comprehensive webcasting solution, complete with an audiovisual recording station linked to a web platform that makes it possible to automatically reference, edit and publish content (audio, video, slide shows) in total simplicity. In addition, the content of each presented slide is also indexed. Each event is accessible anytime, anywhere (at home, at the office or elsewhere) and can be viewed on all types of devices: computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.
You can ask for your event to be recorded by Klewel who will manage the entire service, or you can purchase or rent a Klewel station and record your events at your convenience, with Klewel ensuring automation of the web service.
The term “Klewel” comes from the breton language: this is a contraction of two terms “Klevet” and “Gwelet” which respectively mean to “listen” and to “see”.

What We Do Best

Klewel not only keeps your presentations alive but also ensures that they can be:
  • consulted quickly and clearly, and easily retrieved (search engine)
  • personalised at will, directly integrated in your website
  • viewed on all types of media (computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  • accessible online (general public) or via Intranet (protected)
In addition, you have an integrated statistical tool with which you can measure the interest generated by your presentations and target future content in a relevant way.
The Klewel station can be used with a microphone (or the output of a mixing console) and a camera (or the output of the audiovisual control room). Recording of each event starts and stops at the simple press of a button. Once recording is complete, data is automatically uploaded to a server. The Klewel solution references all event content (including audio, video and projections). The content of presentations is automatically indexed. Before being broadcast on the desired medium, the presentation can be personalised at will. One click and it’s online! The Klewel station is available as a portable computer or it may be delivered in a
customised form to meet your needs.

Maël Guillemot / Main Founder and CEO

Mael holds a European Master of Science from the University of Rennes (France), including six months at the University of Barcelona and one year in the UK. He is laureate of the Swiss Venture Leaders 2008 and holds the “Passeport Bretagne pour Entreprendre”. After 6 years of R&D experience at the Idiap Research Institute in the area of multimedia information management, he is the founder of Klewel.

Vincent Bozzo/ Software Architect

Vincent holds a Master of Science MSc from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne. He did his Master Thesis at the Idiap Research Institute, designing and implementing an Adobe Flash tool for browsing and searching trough audio-visually captured conferences. He is responsible of technical developments at Klewel. He works on the Triskel webcasting platform: the capture station software, the processing servers, the website and the cross-platform conference players.

Dr. Sandy Ingram / R&D Engineer

Sandy received her PhD. degree in Computer science from EPFL. Her thesis work entitled ‘The 3A Interaction Model and Relation-Based Recommender System: Adopting Social Media Paradigms in Designing Personal Learning Environments’. During her work in the REACT group at EPFL, Sandy authored more than 10 publications and collaboratively developed Graasp, an online collaborative website, available at graasp.epfl.ch. Sandy is responsible for research and development projects, and contributes to the back-end and front-end development of Klewel’s Web portal.

Yannick Evrard / Operations manager 

Yannick Evrard holds an HES bachelor in computing sciences specialized in artificial intelligence. He started his carrier at the HUG in research projects in functional MRI, and then founded in 2005 his own company in Voice over IP in Geneva. He then turned in the audiovisual field and joined an important Swiss Audio/Video integrator as Product Manager, before joining the Klewel team in Operations. He is responsible to record, edit and publish all conferences in which Klewel is involved.

Andrea Hajdune Csaszar/ Event Services

After obtaining her BBA in Marketing and International Business, Andrea spent 8 years playing professional basketball all over Europe. After an unbeaten season in Switzerland, she discovered a new calling in marketing and business operations here at Klewel. She is responsible for event services, for contacting new clients and managing existing ones and for assisting the development of Klewel’s presence in different outlets.

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