Klewel | Klewel press release: Triskel, a new generation webcasting platform
At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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Klewel press release: Triskel, a new generation webcasting platform

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Martigny, Switzerland, September 1, 2011

The company Klewel announces today the launch of Triskel©. Klewel will be showcasing its new product Triskel© at the international exhibition of audiovisual IBC 2011 in Amsterdam on September 9-13, 2011, Hall 4, Stand 4.C85. Firstly intended for audiovisual professionals and event service agencies, Triskel© is a comprehensive webcasting platform to record and publish presentations given at events such as international conferences.

What is Triskel©?

Triskel© consists of an audio-visual recording station associated with a web portal. The Triskel© station can be used with a microphone (or the output of a mixing console) and a camera (or the output of the audiovisual control room). Recording of each event starts and stops at the simple press of a button. Once recording is complete, data is automatically uploaded to a server. The Klewel station is available as a portable computer or it may be delivered in a customised form to meet conference organizers’ needs.

Triskel’s web portal makes it possible to automatically reference, edit and publish content (audio, video, slide shows) in total simplicity. One click and it’s online! In addition, the content of each presented slide is also indexed for search purpose. Each event is accessible anytime, anywhere (at home, at the office or elsewhere) and can be viewed on all types of media: computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Added value and innovation

Triskel© is the indispensable production tool for an audiovisual agency wishing to be at the state-of-the-art of webcasting. It offers multiple benefits. Triskel© not only keeps your presentations alive but also ensures that they can be consulted quickly and clearly, and easily retrieved (search engine), personalised at will, directly integrated in any website, viewed on all types of media (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and accessible online (general public) or via Intranet (protected).

No need to ask each speaker for their original PowerPoints, hassle free for conference organizers. Triskel© allows to visualize any projection whatever the original format (PowerPoint, PDF), including videos within the slides. One of the special features of Klewel is to offer an audio search engine, based on voice recognition software, which can find one or more keywords in speeches. In addition, it provides an integrated statistical tool which can measure the interest generated by the presentations and target future content in a relevant way.

History of Triskel©

Since 2007, the company offers its services for seminars of all sizes and international conferences. Also since the creation of this company, the engineers from the Klewel have been working on this product Triskel©, being responsive to the market. The services have helped the team to develop the product Triskel©. Klewel grew from the needs of its customers. Triskel©© has been tested with several customers including the EPFL in Lausanne to record and webcast courses and seminars.

About Klewel

Active for over three years, Klewel managed to mix three worlds: audiovisual broadcasting, event services and the Internet. Klewel is a spin-off of the Idiap Research Institute and has received support from TheArk, the agency fostering innovation in Valais. The solution developed by Klewel has been awarded the European E-Excellence in the International Forum of CeBit. Klewel was selected as a finalist for the Innovation Award 2010 of the International Association of Conference Center. Klewel provides a cutting-edge technological tool that is simple to use, and above all in-depth knowledge of the world of events.

Contact :

Maël Guillemot
Klewel SA
Rue Marconi 19
1920 Martigny, Switzerland
Tel: +41 27 722 43 42
Mob: +41 76 521 09 82
Fax : +41 27 721 77 12

Link to press kit: https://www.klewel.com/product.php#medias

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