Klewel | ITS 2011: Klewel client testimonial – témoignage client
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ITS 2011: Klewel client testimonial – témoignage client

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Gérald Imfeld, Chairman de la fondation ITS (International Tourism Symposium) nous explique son expérience avec Klewel. Gérald Imfeld, Chairman of the ITS foundation (International Tourism Symposium) explains us his experience with Klewel (you can put the captions in English).

Videos of the event.

Transcription translated in English:

This is an honour to be here. This is one of the most and I attend a lot of conferences world over
and I can tell you that This is one of the most prestigious and most important conference that I attend It is an honour for us to begin the panel discussion…
As agreed, let’s have a interactive debriefing session together. I sent you the link In a nutshell, what do you think of this result.
Well, it gives me great pleasure to hear Michael Berry who is perhaps the most competent person in the world in the tourism field to say what he just said about the symposium it only strengthens my conviction that we must use these interventions, there are more than thirty because it’s an international event it might also be interesting to try to put the translations if available.
Yes it is possible with the agreement of interpreters, the content was recorded in English, French and German so if you want we can put the translation channels online
I totally think it’s a good decision, we did not do it last year. I think this gives more visibility now.
So now in terms communication in the short term and long term, how you see the future of this event?
I think we now have, with these interviews, speeches, round tables, a powerful promotional tool which shows the level and positions the symposium I think this will allow us to continue our internationnal approach. We had maybe a good idea by bringing a few years ago North America
we now involved China, Japan. We put great emphasis on social networks. I think we are now ready to prepare for next year and give a real international dimension to this event.
So it’s really open for next year.
Yes it is a very powerful tool.
In any case thank you for this good work.
thank you very much.

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