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At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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Renting Triskel – Webcasting by renting our capture station

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Let’s talk about the meetings in general a little. Since we are present at many events, our experience has really confirmed what the textbooks are teaching about meetings. At any event the three main goals: Networking, Motivation and Learning.  As our system focuses on the learning side of the events by saving the knowledge shared at conferences, networking is the most recognized characteristic of any meetings. We were very delighted to have met Cascade production at the Fresh conference this January in Copenhagen through networking.

As an event production and meeting support company, Cascade production had a conference coming up, where their client needed to webcast their event. We have talked about how webcasting without our solutions can be quite challenging and time consuming. Individual indexation of sites by noting the times as they appear, after synchronizing with the video can take a lot of time and effort. The automated Klewel system offers a much more user-friendly solution and saves time. After some discussion with our managing director, Maël Guillemot, Cascade production recognized that with all this innovation, our system could be very useful for their client’s event. Since capturing the slides along with the video, with an option to search and browse through the slides easily, is quite innovative, not many companies, event organizers or planners know about it and our experience has indicated that it is very unique for a client to actually be looking for webcasting. Most of the time, as I mentioned before, webcasting means something different to them than what it means to us. We are very specific in offering the innovative solution to on-demand or even live webcasting, capturing the speaker along with the slides he or she is presenting to convert it in a searchable, browsable content that is easily available for anybody shortly after the event. Nonetheless, Cascade production was looking for a system like ours and expressed interest in Triskel Capture Station. Renting has not been our main profile in our distribution channel, however it has always been an option. Cascade wanted to try the our system, so they decided to rent it and webcasted an event a couple of weeks ago. The results? Well, just like many of our client, the webcast is made available privately for those involved with that specific organization and event. So, unfortunately we cannot show any of the webcasts made at this event, however we will post the testimonial from Cascade production to be able to show you a real first hand experience from an audio-visual agency using Triskel. Stay tuned for more!

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