Klewel | Webcast Use Case: Hitachi Data System Information Forum 2015 in Baden
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Webcast Use Case: Hitachi Data System Information Forum 2015 in Baden

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Hitachi Data System organized a recent “roadshow” in many European cities including Baden (at Trafo congress centre, nice venue by the way) close to Zürich in Switzerland on the 29th of October 2015. Klewel was chosen to be Webcasting partner. ALL the talks from the plenary sessions and the breakout rooms have been recorded and are available on demand as webcast.




Hitachi Information Forum is a place to hear from technology leaders as they share their views about the latest IT and storage innovations. This event was targeted to:

  • IT executives who need to adapt their IT architecture to relentless change.
  • Storage professionals who need to stay current with valuable innovations.
  • Business managers who need to collaborate with IT for effective solutions.



R&D Activity in Europe: Social Innovation for Matured Society – Part Two, by Vincent Franceschini, Chief Research Officer, Hitachi Data Systems



Why this forum?

In a quickly changing world, it’s imperative that companies keep up with the latest trends and innovation to stay competitive. But it’s not about innovation for the sake of innovation. It’s about innovating intelligently to grow companies and make a difference in the world. Hitachi Data Systems is the trusted partner to team up with for technology and services to make that happen.


Quick introduction:

Today’s businesses must strike a very important balance. A balance between imagining great possibilities and executing on realistic goals. A balance between growing your business and doing good in the world. A balance between supporting what works and embracing what’s next. How do you achieve that goal? Have a look at the Hitachi Information Forum webcast and find out!


If you understand German, very good for you since the majority of the talks were in German or Swiss German. If you do not, 4 other talks were in English listed below:



Feedback from the Marketing department, Hitachi Switzerland:

“It was a great pleasure to collaborate with you and your team. The feedback I received was very good. (…) That’s really fantastic. Thank you so much for the details. Good to see and I never thought that some of the sessions have been viewed that much.”

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About Hitachi Data Systems

Article in German about the forum


Klewel is webcasting partner of Hitachi Information Forum 2015 and member of ICCA – the International Congress and Convention Association: the global expert in international association meetings. At Klewel, we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online. Contact us.

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