Klewel | e-Learning Valais 3.0: a pioneering project under the sign of cooperation
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e-Learning Valais 3.0: a pioneering project under the sign of cooperation

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Developing innovative solutions to enhance learning through distance learning: this is the project of UniDistance, Klewel and the Idiap Research Institute. The project aims to develop a new solution for the production and use of multimedia & interactive resources for training purpose. The complementary skills of the three partners are crucial for such a project: UniDistance for distance learning, Klewel for multimedia capture & associated webcasting platform, and Idiap, expert in the areas of multimedia data processing.

Three partners of Valais join forces

The project is under the sign of cooperation between the three partners of Valais:  UniDistance, carrier and pilot project , based in Brig and Idiap institute and Klewel company , based in Martigny. It aims to develop a new solution for the production and use of multimedia and interactive resources for training. The complementary skills of the three partners is decisive for project : those of UniDistance in terms of university teaching , those Klewel in terms of acquisition and sharing platforms , and those Idiap , designer of advanced technologies in the areas of multimedia data processing .

Develop and test an innovative solution for distance learning

The innovation is to bring together within a single digital solution, a set of features existing separately: simply produce recordings that integrate intelligent navigation, view a subtitle in another language, automatically generate keywords to easily find a document, as a learner mark certain sequences as with a fluorescent marker and then annotate, share notes with peers to quickly get to the point, get suggestions of other documents to go further – a Swiss army knife for teaching and learning in the digital age!

In the long term, the developed solution will provide an important basis for learning systems of the future, including in particular a better understanding of the process of collaboration in distance learning. There is no doubt that new technologies play a major role in training the 21st century. This new solution will enable us to create new knowledge about the optimal conditions for learning with technology.

Strengthen the leading position of the canton of Valais

There is no doubt that new technologies play a major role in the training of the 21st century : ELearning Valais 3.0 project will allow the canton of Valais to strengthen its leading position in this area by responding to social expectations and needs of distance students.

This new solution will enable us to create new knowledge about the optimal conditions for learning with technology . The project partners are convinced of the advantages of the solution in comparison to other products on the market. The economic impact is also significant because this solution will be marketed in a second time.

A collaborative funding like the project image

The estimated project cost , CHF 395’000 enjoys a collaborative funding between the three partners . We underline the support of the Loterie Romande , of CHF 100’00 . The Ark Foundation , with a view to improving the competitiveness of the three partners and boosting the economic fabric of Valais , is supporting the project up to 49 000 CHF .


UniDistance has over 20 years of experience in distance education and currently forms almost 1,500 students spread throughout Switzerland. To further develop the quality of its training , remain competitive in the growing field of “eLearning” , and pass its certification under the new law on high schools , UniDistance bases its future strategy on advanced technological solutions. This project is part of this desire to develop learning solutions using the full potential of digital technologies.

Contact UniDistance
Damien Carron, academic director
+41 27 922 70 52, damien.carron@unidistance.ch


Idiap Research Institute , located in Martigny ( Valais / Switzerland), is a non -profit foundation specialized in research and development in the field of multimedia information management. The collaboraters of Idiap particularly excel especially in the treatment of speech, translation , semantic analysis , indexing and recommendations in computerized environments , as well as in the exploitation of social networks.

Contact Idiap
François Foglia, deputy director
+41 27 721 77 50, francois.foglia@idiap.ch


Klewel SA, a spin-off of the Idiap active for over 8 years , is among the best in the world at the capture of multimedia events (conferences ), their annotation , distribution ( webcasting ) , and their sharing through various social networks . Klewel was finalist of UBS top price in 2014 and the 2014 Swiss Award. She also masters the adaptive multi-terminal technologies for optimal experience access to multimedia sources with three types of resources : screen, sound and video.

Contact Klewel
Mael Guillemot, director
+41 27 722 43 42, contact(at)klewel.com

eLearning Valais 3.0: Damien Carron, directeur académique d’UniDistance, François Foglia, directeur adjoint d’Idiap, Mael Guillemot, directeur de Klewel

eLearning Valais 3.0: Damien Carron, Academic Director of UniDistance, François Foglia, Idiap deputy director, Mael Guillemot, Klewel managing director

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