Klewel | Newsletter Winter 2009
At Klewel we love to help you save the knowledge and gain more visibility by webcasting your events online.
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Newsletter Winter 2009

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Klewel’s winter newsletter is available!newsletter-2009


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It’s incredible how quickly time passes. I recently realized that Klewel has just got two years old. So many things have happened since we identified the various contributions the products that Klewel developed could bring to the Conference Industry.But it was clear in our minds that we had touched a market with an impressive number of customers who could potentially benefits from Klewel’s solutions to make their conferences more productive on the long term, more efficient and more fun!

We knew that it was all about Knowledge Management and Sharing; in todays’s world, it is a crucial question for every CEO : “How can I make sure that my Company knowledge and Intellectual Assets are efficiently managed and shared amongst employees ? How can I cleverly manage and leverage from all conferences organized every year in my Company ?”

We are often asked the question “what does Klewel stands for?” … This Editorial is the right place to finally reveal it: I am originally from a French region called Brittany, which has its own local language. “Klev” means to Listen and “Gwel” means to Watch. Now you can understand how we are linked to the
Audiovisual and Internet worlds.

An un-tapped market was there, but we were not sure how such a different product would be perceived. Customer’s responses were amazing; from the early stages of the product to the mature solution we sell today, each of our customers has contributed in a way or another to make the product better and what it is today.

Klewel is the right answer to ensure the continued existence and visibility of your events, without time and space constraints. Searching through all conferences is what makes Klewel really different from others. We gather customers’ inputs on a regular basis to always improve our offering. As a result of Klewel’s success, two people were recently hired in our headquarter in Martigny and a subsidiary was opened in France. Our customers are today not only in Switzerland, but also in other countries of Europe and in the US.

In this newsletter we will talk about our new developments and recent events related to Klewel. As a valuable customer, you will be able to understand where and how Klewel is used by a number of mid to large size companies to make their business more efficient and more productive.

I herein would like to warmly thank all the persons who have contributed to the company so far and wish you all a prosperous New Year for you and your families.

Maël Guillemot
General Manager and Co-Founder

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