Klewel | Keep staying fresh by staying healthy! The new findings about IBD captured by Klewel at the 79th NNI workshop
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Keep staying fresh by staying healthy! The new findings about IBD captured by Klewel at the 79th NNI workshop

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Since the Fresh Conference was last week, I would like to continue with the topic of staying fresh. Now, in a more figurative sense, let’s say. What do you need to do to stay fresh? Well, for me it would be to work out regularly, eat good food and ultimately stay healthy. Health is controlled by many factors, but mostly it depends on our immune system as a well-orchestrated defensive shield for our body, where our intestines play a great role. So, to come to my point, when you have some kind of disease in that area, it can become very problematic. Nestlé Nutrition Institute has been researching just how food intake controls our health, for the above mentioned factors. Therefore, they are organizing many workshops to explore the new ideas in all areas of expertise concerning health. From the 28th to the 29th of September, NNI organized its 79th workshop. The goal was to discover the latest advancements and thought leadership in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), bringing together the world’s top scientists and physicians.
This revelatory 2 day workshop uncovered the very latest findings, treatments and IBD management techniques. All of which will were streamed live to your desktop, tablet or mobile device by Klewel. If you did not have a chance to watch it, you can still take a look at all the speeches at NNI website, after registering. Click here to enter.
Since all these webcasts were saved and displayed on the NNI website to ensure the continued visibility of the knowledge. You have the chance to listen to some of the world’s leading authorities on the subject and also follow scientific discussion after each lecture. Whether you are a gastroenterologist, already dealing with IBD on a daily basis, a pediatrician, and researcher or simply have an interest in intestinal diseases. If you want to strengthen your knowledge of IBD and the latest life improving treatments – this workshop is for you!

Nestlé Nutrition Institute recognized the importance of sharing science-based information to educate people. This is where Klewel solutions provide an extremely useful tool for them. By recording and archiving their conferences, workshops and symposiums they are able to educate us on these rather interesting topics. Our Triskel station archives the contents in a way that is easy to retrieve, watch and search later. With live streaming the event, it was made available for a broader audience, even for the ones that could not make it to the workshop, which was a great success.

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